Which is the Leading International Medical Fair in BAHRAIN !!

Come join us at the largest international medical exhibition and conference and networking platform in the industry. Whether you visit BAHRAIN or link up virtually before the event using our matchmaking tool, the main thing is that you come together and find all that MANAMA HEALTH has to offer even more quickly and easily with our new search system. It has a lot to offer. Take advantage of this combination of the world’s largest trade fair for medicine, the leading supply market event for the associated production sector and a dynamic atmosphere to drive forward your

Why Manama Health exhibition?

Manama Health 2022 (Exhibition & Conference) is the largest Healthcare Conference and Trade show in (Asia & Middle East) & Africa.

Manama Health 2022 This Distinguished Event will be held for 1.st round in BAHRAIN to meet the growing needs of, medical equipment, integrated hospital facilities and Operating theaters in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Manama Health 2022 International Medical Exhibition and Conference 2022 are supported by Supreme Council of Health & National Health Regulatory Authority 1st Round

Manama Health 2022 is one of the most important medical exhibitions and conferences in middle east specializing in the field of medical devices and supplies and the manufacture and production of medicines.

Why Exhibit?

Exhibitions are one of the most effective mediums for establishing and maintaining customer relations. In an increasingly digital age, they are the only medium where the buyer, seller and product physically come together – a potent force for business. Read our exhibitor testimonials for more insights first hand experiences and results.

The exhibition will attract representatives of the healthcare sector from Asia, Africa, the Middle East and European countries.

This is an invitation to all Traders, Producers, manufacturers, distributors and service providers for the following products and services to participate in this global medical event of Manama Health 2022

Future prospects for “Medical Technology”

Gulf countries will remain one of the fastest growing markets for medical technology in the world on the long term. Planned investments in hospital expansion and the introduction of state health insurance for lower income groups will further boost the demand for medical products.

On the basis of current market volume, industry experts expect an average annual growth of 20 per cent. This is due solely to the size of the population and the enormous backlog demand. Benefiting from this growth will be primarily the international manufacturers, as their dependence on imports remain high at over 80 per cent.

Main product categories:

Visitor target groups


Once a year, the threads of international medical technology come together in BAHRAIN, bringing together people from around the world who use Manama Health for their business and to meet relevant target audiences: international top decision-makers, experts and trade visitors. After all, is where solutions for numerous specialist fields of medicine and the complete patient treatment process are concentrated at a single time and place. In other words, the ideal surroundings for companies to enter into game-changing business relationships whose consequences are felt not only in all fields of the health sector but in all regions of the world.


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More than 50 exhibitors…more than 100 speaker.. 15 workshops… in haematology..biochemistry..pharmaceuticals.. medical devices ..stem cells therapy .. regenerative medicine .. plastic surgery.. internal medicine and dentistry..


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VenueGulf Convention Center, The Gulf Hotel, Manama - Bahrain

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