Dr. Arwa Hasan Al Sayed

Dr. Arwa Hasan Al Sayed

Ambassador Dr. Arwa Hasan Alsayed Ali Ebrahim  

 Chief of Human Rights Affairs 

As a seasoned Bahraini diplomat with almost 20 years of experience, currently working the role of Chief of Human Rights Affairs Sector at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I have had the chance to navigate complex international domains, advocating for the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms and engaging in meaningful dialogue with stakeholders at all levels. My comprehensive understanding of media due to my expertise in the field and proficiency in public diplomacy, have also further enhanced my ability to effectively communicate and bridge gaps between diverging perspectives. I am eager to continue contributing to the field and create a positive impact in such context. 


[2010-2016] PhD degree on the topic of ‘Implementing International Conventions for Women Rights in Muslim Countries: Bahrain as a Case study,’ from the University of Sunderland- United Kingdom. 

(About the thesis: The thesis analyzed the possibility of applying the Convention on Combating All Forms of Discrimination against Women in Muslim countries, where some articles of the Convention may conflict with the provisions of Islamic Sharia law. Some countries - such as the Kingdom of Bahrain- succeeded in achieving a balanced model between achieving international commitment and imposing national identity and sovereignty at the same time. 

[2004-2005] Master’s Degree in ‘Politics and the Mass Media’ University of Liverpool- United Kingdom. 

[1999-2003] Bachelor's Degree in English Language and Literature University of Bahrain- Kingdom of Bahrain. 

[1999] Graduated from Al-Muharraq Secondary School, Bahrain. Work Experience 

[2021 - Current] Chief of Human Rights Affairs 

[2017-2021] Director of Communication, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bahrain. 

[2016-2017] Acting Director of Communication Directorate, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bahrain. 

[2009-2015] Worked at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain in Ankara- Counsellor. 

[2008-2009] Worked in the Office of the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to be in charge of Human Rights related issues. 

[2006] Joined the Ministry of Foreign affairs in Bahrain as a second secretary in the Directorate of Bilateral Affairs 

[2005] Taught English as a part-time teacher in New York Institute of Technology, Bahrain. 


Committees and Memberships: 

[2023] Appointment as a member of the Board of Directors of the National 

Communication Center by a royal decree from His Majesty the King. 

[2023] Winning the membership of the Permanent Independent Human Rights Commission of the Organization of the Islamic Conference. 

[2022] Member of Combatting Human Trafficking National Committee 

[2022] Member of the National Children Committee 

[2021] Member of the National Committee for Human Rights 


Other Achievements: 

[2018-2019] Launched travel awareness campaigns and annual national campaigns on the occasion of the National Day. 

[2017] Established the first diplomatic Newsletter for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Bahrain which is published in Arabic and English. 

[2017] Initiated and supervised the first travel campaign for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which aimed at creating awareness of travel tips for Bahraini citizens while abroad. 

[2016] Was the personal interpreter for H.E Theresa May, Prime Minister of UK during her participation in the GCC-UK summit in December, in Bahrain. 

[2014-2015] Participated in academic conferences held by international institutes and universities and presented papers regarding women rights in the Islamic Shariah- United Kingdom- Chez Republic. 

[2015] Delivered seminars to University students as part of the PhD work, in topics regarding feminism, women rights in Shariah law and the CEDAW convention- Republic of Turkey. 

[2013-2014] Participated in Bahrain’s official delegations for the CICA, ‘Conference in Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia,’ taking place in the Turkey and Kazakhstan. 

[2007] Participated in writing up Bahrain’s first Universal Periodic Review for Human 

Rights to the United Nations. 

[2006-2010] Attended several seminars and workshops inside and outside Bahrain in the arenas of public affairs, trafficking in persons, European Affairs Human Rights, etc. 

Published a series of articles and stories that were published in local newspapers and to a book that includes a collection of stories and a book in Psychology, in addition to volunteer work in the field of mental health awareness. 


Arabic: Mother Tongue. 

English: Fluent written and spoken. 

Turkish: Intermediate. 

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