The establishment of the Independent Ombudsman Office at the Ministry of Interior in the Kingdom of Bahrain in July 2013 represented an important qualitative addition within the system of independent national remedies that enhanced respect for human rights in the domains of criminal justice and law enforcement agencies. This was also a unique and pioneering event, given that the Independent Ombudsman Office is the first qualitatively specialized body in the category of ombudsman offices at the regional level. In this context, the Ombudsman organized its international conference entitled “The Effectiveness of Ombudsman Within the Institutional Work and Their Role in Promoting Respect for Human Rights” , which will be held on 18th and 19th of October 2023 in the capital of Bahrain, Manama, to celebrate this anniversary and to present the most important attainments and positive developments achieved during the years. Moreover, this conference is an opportunity to exchange experiences and skills and to get acquainted with the best practices in the field of work of the Ombudsman Offices, prison and correctional oversight agencies, in a way that enhances respect for human rights in these areas, which includes carefully selected topics and working sessions, in order to allow the participants and attendees to get acquainted with distinctive cultural and intellectual content, dealing with the areas of work of Ombudsman Offices with their historical and reference dimensions, with the most important standards and practices that govern their work.

Mrs. Ghada Hameed Habib

The Ombudsman



Mr. Chris Field

Ombudsman of Western Australia
President of the International Ombudsman Institute (IOI)

Mr. Şeref MALKOÇ

Chief Ombudsman of Turkey
President of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Ombudsman Association

Ms. Ghada Hameed Habeeb

Ombudsman of the Independent Ombudsman Office
Kingdom of Bahrain

Mr. Abdulrahman Faris

Director of Complaints Directorate at the Ombudsman Office
Kingdom of Bahrain

Mr. Mohamed Benalilou

The Mediator Kingdom of Morocco

Mr. Muharrem KILIÇ

Board Member & Chairman of Human Rights And Equality Institution Of Türkiye

Ms. Gianina Irlando

President of National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement

Dr. Arwa Hasan Al Sayed

Chief of Human Rights Affairs – Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Kingdom Of Bahrain

Mr. Almas Ali Jovindah

Advisor Legal Federal Tax Ombudsman
Executive Secretary, OIC Ombudsman Association (OICOA)

Mr. Mohammad Youssef Al - Zubari

Chief Prosecutor - Deputy Head of the Special Investigation Unit
Kingdom of Bahrain

Mr. Mohammed Abdulrahman Al Othman

Inspector General Office , National Security Agency
Kingdom of Bahrain

Ms. Zainab Salman Al Awainati

Assistant Undersecretary of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation - Ministry of Social Development
Kingdom of Bahrain

Ms. Paula Jack

Justice Advisor – Northern Ireland Co-operation Overseas (NI-CO)
United Kingdom

Event program


registration Team


Mr. Chris Field

President of the International Ombudsman Institute (IOI) Australia


Chris Field PSM is the President of the International Ombudsman Institute (IOI) and Western Australian Ombudsman. He is an Adjunct Professor in the School of Law at the University of Western Australia. He was awarded a Public Service Medal in the 2023 Australia Day Honours List for “outstanding public service as Ombudsman and President of the International Ombudsman Institute.” In July 2023, in a formal ceremony in Taipei, he was awarded the highest honour of the Control Yuan, the First Grade Medal. The citation of the Medal is: “His extraordinary contribution to the promotion of international ombudsman and human rights work”. He was the 2022 recipient of the Justitia Regnorum Fundamentum Award granted by the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights of Hungary for “those who have achieved extraordinary, exemplary results in the field of protecting fundamental rights”. Mr Field is Australia’s longest serving ombudsman, having been appointed to four consecutive terms of office, commencing in 2007 at age 39. In May 2021, he commenced his four-year term as IOI President at the 12th quadrennial World Conference and General Assembly of the IOI in Dublin. It is the first time in the 45-year history of the IOI that an Australian has been elected President. He commenced his career as a lawyer at one of Australia’s leading law firms, Arthur Robinson and Hedderwicks (now Allens Linklaters). He holds Arts and Law (Honours), graduating in 1996. 


Chief Ombudsman of the Republic of Türkiye


Chief Ombudsman of Türkiye Mr. Şeref Malkoç was born in Trabzon in 1960. He graduated from the Faculty of Law at İstanbul University in 1982. He gave lectures on Constitutional Law at the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences of Karadeniz Technical University (KTU).

He was elected as a Member of Parliament, representing Trabzon province in the Grand National Assembly of Türkiye (TBMM) during 20th and 21 st parliamentary terms, between 1995 and 2002. As a Member of Parliament, he served as the spokesperson of the Justice Committee, Vice Chairman of the Constitutional Committee and Vice Chairman of Turkish-German Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group. He also served as an Advisor to Prof. Dr. Necmettin ERBAKAN, the Prime Minister of the 54th Government of Türkiye, for around 10 years.

He was the representative of the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) for two years in the Supreme Election Council. His articles and op-eds on Constitution and Presidential System were published in various journals and newspapers. He wrote a book titled “The New Constitution and The Presidential System in 40 Questions”. He also worked as a Chief Advisor to H.E. Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN, the President of the Republic of Türkiye.

Mr. Malkoç was elected as Chief Ombudsman by the General Assembly of the Grand National Assembly of Türkiye on November 15, 2016. After completing his 4-year term, he has been re-elected as Chief Ombudsman on 11 November 2020.

During his tenure as the Chief Ombudsman, he visited 81 provinces of Türkiye, came together with citizens, listened to their problems, and brought together the citizens and the local administrators of that province. Through his hard works in Türkiye as well as abroad, he contributed to the promotion of the Ombudsman culture.

Chief Ombudsman of Türkiye Mr. Şeref Malkoç takes active role in Ombudsman Networks; he is the President of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Ombudsman Association (OICOA),the Member of the Board of Directors of the Asian Ombudsman Association (AOA) and Member of the Executive Board of Directors of the European Ombudsman Institute (EOI).

He is married with three children.

Ms. Ghada Hameed Habeeb

Ombudsman of the Independent Ombudsman Office Kingdom of Bahrain


Mrs. Ghada Hameed Habib held a number of official positions after completing her masters from AMA International University with distinction in 2010 and her Bachelor Degree from Ain Shams University in Cairo in 2002. As a result of her involvement in different fields, Mrs. Ghada gained great experience in executive management. Here is a summary of the most important positions Mrs. Ghada Hameed Habib has held in recent years:

  • 2022 until date: The Ombudswoman of the Independent Ombudsman Office for Ministry of Interior
  • 2022: Chief of The Prisoner and Detainee Rights Commission  
  • 2019 – 2022: The Deputy Ombudsman of the Ombudsman Office for the Ministry of Interior.
  • 2016: A lecturer of Human Rights Subjects in College of Law – University of Bahrain.
  • 2013 – 2019:  Director of International Cooperation and Development Directorate in the Ombudsman Office.
  • 2011: A lecturer in AMA International University.
  • 2010: Chief of Consumption Awareness Directorate in Ministry of Industry and Commerce.
  • 2009: Chief of Complaints Directorate in Ministry of Industry and Commerce.
  • 2009: Certified Professional Coach.
  • 2005: Joined Ministry of Industry and Commerce.
  • 2003: A teacher of Secondary school in Ministry of Education.

Mrs. Ghada Hameed Habib attended different training courses related to leadership, Human Rights Principals, Prison Inspection Standards, investigative mechanisms, principles and the rule of law

Mr. Abdulrahman Faris

Director of Complaints Directorate at the Ombudsman Office Kingdom of Bahrain

Mr. Mohamed Benalilou

Biography of the Mediator of the Kingdom of Morocco


Mr. Mohamed Benalilou
Mediator of the Kingdom 

Decorations received:
National Medal of Honor, Grand Officer. 

Professional experience. Judicial duties:
♦Judge at the Court of Cassation. Judge at the Administrative Court of Rabat, Investigating Judge at the Special Court of Justice in Rabat, Judge at the Court of First Instance of Tangier.
Administrativeresponsibilities and tasks:
♦ Head of the Administrative and Training Pole of the Supreme Council of the Judicial Power; Director of Human Resources at the Ministry of Justice; Director of Studies, Cooperation and Modernization at the Ministry of Justice and Liberties; Chief of Staff to the Minister of Justice and Liberties; Advisor to the Minister of Justice on Criminal Policy; Head of the Criminal Cases Section of the Ministry of Justice; Head of the Department for the Implementation of Judicial Decisions in Criminal Matters at the Ministry of Justice.
♦ Member of the National Committee for the Consideration of Tax Appeals.
♦ Member of the Financial Information Processing Unit (a specialized body in combating money laundering).
♦ Member of the High Commission for the Reform of the Justice System; Member of the National Advisory Group for the Project for the Modernization of Public Prosecutions in the Arab States within the framework of the United Nations Development Programme; Member of the Group of Governmental Experts submitted by States Parties to the United Nations Convention against Corruption for the review process.
♦ Member of the Arab Group of Governmental Experts for Self-Assessment of the United Nations Convention against Corruption (AGEG).
♦ Founding member of the Arab Anti-Corruption Network and Integrity and Transparency Support.
♦ Coordinator of the Moroccan central authority entrusted with the responsibility and authority to receive, execute or transmit requests for mutual legal assistance to the relevant authorities in accordance with article 46, paragraph 13, of the United Nations Convention against Corruption. 

University certificates:
♦Bachelor of Law, Private Law Division. 

Professional Certificates:
♦ Graduation certificate from the Higher Institute of Judicial Studies; Training certificate on the subject: “Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice” issued by the Korea International Cooperation Agency; Certificate of Training of Trainers in “Financial Law”, delivered by the National School of Magistracy in Paris; Certificate of Training of Trainers in “Bioterrorism”, delivered by the International Judicial Police Organization (INTERPOL) in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
♦ Certificate of Training of Trainers in “Research and Investigation of Modern Crimes”, delivered by the National Institute for Social and Criminal Studies in Cairo.
♦ Certificate of completion of all advanced requirements for combating money laundering and terrorist financing, delivered by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation of the United States of America (FDIC).
International Activities and Conferences:
♦ Participation in numerous international conferences dealing with combating corruption, organized crime, terrorism crimes, human rights and international criminal judicial cooperation.
Activities and scientific contributions 

♦A book entitled “The crime of incitement to terrorism:
♦ the problem of reconciling freedom of expression with the necessities of punishment” (February 2014);
♦ a study on the topic: “The reality of the work of the Public Prosecution in Morocco between judicial practice and the guarantee of rights and freedoms” for the benefit of the Arab Center for Integrity and Transparency in Beirut; Publication of many legal and judicial articles.
♦ Framing of many seminars and study days organized by international and national organizations for the benefit of a group of judges, members of public prosecutions, judicial police officers, and officials in charge of research tasks in environmental crimes. 

Mr. Muharrem KILIÇ



He was appointed associate professor after completing his LLM and PhD. And then appointed as a Professor in 2011. Kılıç has held multiple academic and administrative positions such as dean of the law school, vice-rector, head of the public law department. Kılıç has scientific publications consisting of many books, articles, as well as papers presented in national and international congresses about human rights theory. He has multiple academic research from human rights education to the right to reasoned decision; from NHRIs to human rights politics during the pandemic period. He was involved in human rights not only in theory but also in project studies. In this context, he worked as a Project Expert in the ‘Project to Support the Implementation and Reporting of the Human Rights Action Plan’. He has been awarded a TUBITAK Postdoctoral Research Fellowship with his project on ‘Political Illusionism: An Onto-political Analysis of Modern Human Rights Discourse.’ He was appointed as the Chairman of the HREIT, on 14.07.2021. 

Ms. Gianina Irlando



Gianina Irlando is the Stakeholder Engagement Administrator for the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District’s (BART) Office of the Independent Police Auditor.  She is responsible for ensuring awareness of and access to the complaint process for BART riders and community members for allegations of police misconduct.  The BART district serves five counties and close to seven million people across the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California.     

As the former Community Relations Ombudsman with Denver’s Office of the Independent Monitor, Ms. Irlando spearheaded the development of the Youth Outreach Project, Bridging the Gap: Kids and Cops. She is proud of this proactive approach to stakeholder engagement and law enforcement accountability, and with federal grant funding, she oversaw the development of the curriculum, convened an expert advisory committee to guide the process, and supervised programming for over 5 years.  The project was independently evaluated by the University of Colorado and demonstrated notable effectiveness with a significant change in perceptions for youth and law enforcement towards each other in Denver.   

Ms. Irlando attended the University of California, Berkeley, focusing on politics and communications. She has worked for numerous non-profit organizations, labor unions, and as a political advisor, consistently increasing diverse representation in elected office. Ms. Irlando has had the great opportunity to work for state, municipal and community leaders and is considered an innovator in politics for candidates and issues important to low-income communities of color, including substantial work to increase public safety, affordable housing, and access to good health care and quality education for all. 

Ms. Irlando is a 2014 fellow of the National Hispana Leadership Institute and a graduate of the Executive Leadership Program at the Harvard Kennedy School. She has served on the Board of Directors for the National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement since early 2018 and was elected President in 2021. 

Ms. Irlando has three grown children and four beautiful grandchildren.

Dr. Arwa Hasan Al Sayed



Ambassador Dr. Arwa Hasan Alsayed Ali Ebrahim  

 Chief of Human Rights Affairs 

As a seasoned Bahraini diplomat with almost 20 years of experience, currently working the role of Chief of Human Rights Affairs Sector at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I have had the chance to navigate complex international domains, advocating for the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms and engaging in meaningful dialogue with stakeholders at all levels. My comprehensive understanding of media due to my expertise in the field and proficiency in public diplomacy, have also further enhanced my ability to effectively communicate and bridge gaps between diverging perspectives. I am eager to continue contributing to the field and create a positive impact in such context. 


[2010-2016] PhD degree on the topic of ‘Implementing International Conventions for Women Rights in Muslim Countries: Bahrain as a Case study,’ from the University of Sunderland- United Kingdom. 

(About the thesis: The thesis analyzed the possibility of applying the Convention on Combating All Forms of Discrimination against Women in Muslim countries, where some articles of the Convention may conflict with the provisions of Islamic Sharia law. Some countries – such as the Kingdom of Bahrain- succeeded in achieving a balanced model between achieving international commitment and imposing national identity and sovereignty at the same time. 

[2004-2005] Master’s Degree in ‘Politics and the Mass Media’ University of Liverpool- United Kingdom. 

[1999-2003] Bachelor’s Degree in English Language and Literature University of Bahrain- Kingdom of Bahrain. 

[1999] Graduated from Al-Muharraq Secondary School, Bahrain. Work Experience 

[2021 – Current] Chief of Human Rights Affairs 

[2017-2021] Director of Communication, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bahrain. 

[2016-2017] Acting Director of Communication Directorate, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bahrain. 

[2009-2015] Worked at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain in Ankara- Counsellor. 

[2008-2009] Worked in the Office of the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to be in charge of Human Rights related issues. 

[2006] Joined the Ministry of Foreign affairs in Bahrain as a second secretary in the Directorate of Bilateral Affairs 

[2005] Taught English as a part-time teacher in New York Institute of Technology, Bahrain. 


Committees and Memberships: 

[2023] Appointment as a member of the Board of Directors of the National 

Communication Center by a royal decree from His Majesty the King. 

[2023] Winning the membership of the Permanent Independent Human Rights Commission of the Organization of the Islamic Conference. 

[2022] Member of Combatting Human Trafficking National Committee 

[2022] Member of the National Children Committee 

[2021] Member of the National Committee for Human Rights 


Other Achievements: 

[2018-2019] Launched travel awareness campaigns and annual national campaigns on the occasion of the National Day. 

[2017] Established the first diplomatic Newsletter for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Bahrain which is published in Arabic and English. 

[2017] Initiated and supervised the first travel campaign for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which aimed at creating awareness of travel tips for Bahraini citizens while abroad. 

[2016] Was the personal interpreter for H.E Theresa May, Prime Minister of UK during her participation in the GCC-UK summit in December, in Bahrain. 

[2014-2015] Participated in academic conferences held by international institutes and universities and presented papers regarding women rights in the Islamic Shariah- United Kingdom- Chez Republic. 

[2015] Delivered seminars to University students as part of the PhD work, in topics regarding feminism, women rights in Shariah law and the CEDAW convention- Republic of Turkey. 

[2013-2014] Participated in Bahrain’s official delegations for the CICA, ‘Conference in Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia,’ taking place in the Turkey and Kazakhstan. 

[2007] Participated in writing up Bahrain’s first Universal Periodic Review for Human 

Rights to the United Nations. 

[2006-2010] Attended several seminars and workshops inside and outside Bahrain in the arenas of public affairs, trafficking in persons, European Affairs Human Rights, etc. 

Published a series of articles and stories that were published in local newspapers and to a book that includes a collection of stories and a book in Psychology, in addition to volunteer work in the field of mental health awareness. 


Arabic: Mother Tongue. 

English: Fluent written and spoken. 

Turkish: Intermediate. 




Almas Ali Jovindah is a trailblazer, advocating Ombudsman Institutions, as a movement

across the Globe. Eversince he joined Federal Tax Ombudsman Pakistan, he has made

immense contributions towards the easy resolution of grievances of the general public,

against the Maladministration of public functionaries. Being Executive Secretary of OICOA

& FPO, he ensured collaboration among all Ombudsmen, their Capacity & Image building,

within Pakistan & OIC.Mr. Jovindah, prior Joining FTO, was senior partner with Robust

Consultants, a leading Advocacy & Lobbying Firm. He was pivotal to promote the need

and enactment of Cyber Laws and is founder president of Cyber Legal Arm, the 1st

exclusive Cyber Legal firm in Pakistan. He is an activist to contrive an awareness about

Law, through his seminars, TV talk shows & training workshops & has carved out a niche

representing clients in a disciplined & scientific manner.

Mr. Mohammad Youssef Al – Zubari



Mr. Muhammad Youssef Al-Zubari 

Chief Prosecutor, Deputy Head of the Special Investigation Unit 

– He worked in the legal field until he was appointed to the Public Prosecution Office in 2013, and worked in several partial and specialized prosecution offices. 

– He joined the Special Investigation Unit in 2016. 

– Certified Lecturer at the Judicial and Legal Studies Institute in the Kingdom of Bahrain. 

– Participated and lectured in many conferences, seminars and workshops inside and outside the Kingdom of Bahrain in the field of criminal law in general and human rights in particular. 





  • Bachelor of Law from Applied Science University with distinction.
  • Graduated from multiple legal courses.

Practical experience:

  • Inspector General Office from 2012-2023.




– Master’s degree from the Royal Police Academy for her thesis entitled (Domestic Violence and Juvenile Delinquency in Bahraini Legislation) – 2021.

– Bachelor’s degree in Law from the University of Bahrain – 2006.

– Legal researcher at the Ministry of Municipalities Affairs and Agriculture – 2006.

– Joining the Public Prosecution – 2008.

– Gradually working in the Public Prosecution until she appointed as a Head of the Family and Children’s Prosecution in 2018 until 2022.

– Assistant Undersecretary of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation at the Ministry of Social Development – 2022.

– Member of the Prisoners and Detainees Rights Commission.

– Deputy Chairman of the National Committee for the Elderly.

– Member of the High Committee for the Care of people with Disabilities.

– Member of the National Committee for Combatting Trafficking in Persons.

– Former member of the National Commission for Childhood.

– Head of a parliamentary and municipal elections Committee in 2018 and 2022.

– Lecturer in criminal law, law on protection from domestic violence, children’s law, and the law on restorative justice for children and protecting them from abuse.

– Participation in multiple conferences and workshops in the Kingdom of Bahrain and abroad in the field of criminal law and the rights of children, families, and people with disabilities.

Ms. Paula Jack



An experienced justice practitioner with over 30 years of experience in developing and implementing best practice initiatives in justice systems.  From 2010 she held the position of Chief Executive of the Youth Justice Agency Northern Ireland responsible to the Minister of Justice for delivering the principal aim of the Youth Justice Agency to reduce youth crime and to build confidence in the youth justice system through the delivery of best practice initiatives in child detention and in the community.   Prior to becoming Chief Executive of the Youth Justice Agency, Paula was a senior Prosecutor in both England and in Northern Ireland from 1992. From 2005 she held the position of Regional Director for the Public Prosecution Service Northern Ireland.  Over the last 9 years, Paula has worked internationally as a justice advisor on projects in Bahrain, Oman, Colombia, Egypt, Turkey, and the Western Balkans, successfully leading and delivering projects to reform child justice and child protection systems.  

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